Xpel Fog Light Install

A How To For: Xpel/Lamin-x Precuts For Fogs
by Kappa
http://www.mod-for-life.comHow to install your new Xpel/Lamin-x Precuts for your fog lights! I hope this helps someone out, it’s a very easy job to do and only lasted maybe 10 mins not counting the time it takes to get the water out from behind the xpel/lamin-x

Things you need! (at-least the stuff I used)

- Spray bottle with dish soap
- Paper towel
- A credit card or gift card
- And of course Xpel/Lamin-x

Step One

- Wash your fog lights to get the bugs and other road crap off of the lens. This will stop from getting stuff behind the Xpel/Lamin-x and also give it a cleaner look.

Step Two

- Pull out your Xpel/Lamin-x. (in this case the color is red) I cut them apart so i knew for sure what fog light i was pulling off and also to see a test fit so i knew how to get it in really easy before i did the real thing.

Step Three

- First wet the fog light with the soapy water

- Next peel off the Xpel/Lamin-x (MAKE SURE NOT TO TOUCH THE STICKY PART WITH YOUR FINGER! make sure the soapy water is on it before you do) wet it down with the spray bottle and soapy water and your almost done!

Step Four

- Place it on the fog and slide it to fit the place you want it

Step Five

- Take your credit or gift card and wrap it in paper towel (shown below)

- Then do your best to get all the water out from behind the Xpel/Lamin-x if there are small spots of water dont worry to much.

- Make sure to hold on to a corner so you dont move the Xpel/Lamin-x out of the place you wanted them!

Step Six

- Turn the lights on! this will evaporate the rest of the water from behind the Xpel/Lamin-x.


- You can also use a heat gun to do the same thing just dont over heat and burn anything!

Then Repeat same steps on the other side!

All Done!!!

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