Hood Stripes (Wet Application)

Instructions for Hood Stripes (Wet Application)

- Use less than a cap full of your car wash soap with water in a spray bottle.
- Choose a location with no wind/fans blowing around you to avoid dust/dirt being blown on the surface or vinyl.
- Have a squeegee. I use a plastic card with felt on the edge of the card to avoid scratching the car’s paint.

- Exacto Knife.
- Micro Fiber Cloth.
- Heat gun. (easier to do the edges but not necessary)

Preparing your Surface:
- Wash the surface with an alcohol based product for best performance to remove any dirt/dust.
- Make sure it’s clean and dirt free.
- Some clay bar and wax the car prior for best surface.

The product:
- We put pre-mask on the front stripes over the text portion to avoid damage during shipping. Leave it on until the end.

Front Stripes:
- Spray a lot of your soap and water mix on the hood.
- Peel off the first stripe. (the part you see is actually the part that will show on the car meaning the sticky part is in between the vinyl and the white waxed paper.)
- Make sure the stripe does not pic up dust or dirt. Spray the sticky side with the soap and water and re-spray your hood.
- Lay the stripe down on the surface of the hood. From my calculations it should be sticking out about 1 inch at the top. So where the crack that separates the hood you should see about 1in. 
- Align the rest of the stripe all the way down. If you notice it doesn’t move enough spray more soap and water. Be generous on it.
- Once you have it aligned properly use a dry microfiber cloth to take the extra water residue off.
- Then start to squeegee out the excess water. Start from the middle, then up and down. Keep doing it until it has no bubbles. You may have to wipe it down again with your cloth.
- You will have extra vinyl at both ends. With a knife slowly cut the excess in between the cracks.
- Then pop your hood to get it around the edge. Note: You may have to wait for it to dry up a bit before it sticks so you may be able to do the other side in the mean time.

Recap:small;”> Technically the end of the S will be 1/4 inch from the driver side and the edge of the M on the passenger side.

- Once done, spray the MPS logo again to take the pre-mask off. Do it at a 45 angle and slowly as it may want to pull the stripe off the car. If it’s too hard spray more soap and water.

Back Stripes:
- Before we start, remove your taillights. It’s only 2 bolts and takes less than 5 mins. It makes this easier to have a better finish around the edge.
- Use the same prep cleaning as mentioned above.
- Align the small tip near the end of the handle circle and make it follow the line of the car. 
- You should have some excess that will end up in the tail light. Just make it wrap properly around the edges and cut any excess off and put the taillight back on
- Basically have the back line up properly so it’s flush to the light.


When your finished, lay the car in the sun for the vinyl to settle and evaporate any left over water. Do not wash the car for a couple days. Just remember to use lots of soap and water if it starts sticking and your not done aligning it. A heat gun can also be used around the edges. And avoid touching the edges at all times! Any oil on the edges will make the vinyl not stick properly.
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