General Decal Install

Here are some application instructions for you convenience:

  1. Clean vehicle surface. Make sure the surface is dry and oil free.
  2. Position decal where you would like it to be applied. You may use masking tape as a guide for application. Remember, once it’s applied you cannot move it or take it off and apply it again. so take you time to align it properly.
  3. Reach under the decal and start peeling the under layer off (glazed paper). Be sure to watch out so that the decal doesn’t come off with the under layer. If it does, work backwards and try peeling it at a sharper angle.
  4. Use a squeegee or your library card to apply the decal. (For small decals, using you thumb should be good enough) From the center point, gently apply pressure in a back and forth motion to the extremity of the decal (while the transfer tape is still covering it). This will help insure the decal will stay on its surface while you peel off the transfer tape.
  5. Slowly peel off the transfer tape. Make sure none of the decal peels off with it. If it does, reapply pressure and try peeling it in a sharper angle.
  6. To ensure decal is properly installed, use your thumb to go over the decal and apply pressure again.
  7. Show all your friends :) And send us your pictures :)
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