Sponsored Mazda 3 Featured On SSR Website

  This 2010 Mazda 3 has had a few transformation over the years. Known as an innovator by his peers, the owner always has something up in mind to make his ride unique looking. New for 2012 was the SSR Type F wheels and the GV style rear spoiler that we wrapped in metallic white aluminium 3M 1080 [...]
Yellow Head Light Tint

The Clear Difference

I have been tinting head lights and tail lights since 2008. I have seen my share of stone chips cracking fog lights and faded head lights to the point where light output is next to nothing. How can tinting help? By tinting the lights you are putting a removable film that can help prevent the wear [...]

It’s T-Shirt Time!!!

Well they are finally here! The company that made them screwed up on the first batch making the print too small and placed in the wrong area. These are Gildan shirts with a red screen printed ink, so they should last longer than a press shirt. These shirts are limited edition, only 24 were printed. [...]

Website Feedback

Are you having issues when ordering? Is the ordering process painful or confusing? Do you see the free shipping option? The site is currently tested against Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. It was reported that the ordering process does not work with Safari on Apple computers. We [...]

Launching the Affiliates Program

The affiliates program is a initiative to help Clubs manage their decals. We do this by hosting their design on our website in their own section. This way the customer has the chance to order the colour/option they want without having the club to make a special order and being stuck with dead [...]

New Website…Finally

This website has been in the works since November 2011. After numerous hiccups and moving to a new location (again) we finally completed enough to do the switch. Most products were carried over but also a bunch of new products were added at the same time. Keep in mind that some testing were done [...]

Toronto Mazda 3 Forum Sponsorship Renewed for 2012

Our annual membership fees were renewed for another year. Toronto Mazda 3 (TM3) member’s are a large part of our success and we will continue to support them. There’s a few project cars in the mix for this season and hopefully we can produce some new designs for the Mazda 3′s.
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